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2 years ago

What Makes Lisbon One of the Most Sought After Destinations Worldwide

Monuments, heritage towers, square and colourful streets make Lisbon one of the most sough after destinations for travellers worldwide. Yet that isn’t all. Best attraction for the travellers is the city itself with its beautiful sights developing a sense of nostalgia.


Capital and biggest city of Portugal, Lisbon is known as an alpha global town. Wealthiest province in Portugal, the Lisbon city stands well exceeding GDP standard of the European Union. Lisbon is also the political hub of the country. As a preferred place for travellers, Lisbon provides a horde of sights to witness.


Great Monuments in Lisbon:


Replicating the excellence & splendour of world legacy sights such as the Big Ben or Eifel Tower, the Belem Tower in Lisbon steals the attention of tourists. Most pictorial among the landmarks in the town, alongside the grand Jeronimos Monastery forms the top 2 testaments, a must visit during Lisbon Sightseeing.


Lisbon City – the Biggest Attraction Itself:


A city that’s not the one smartened up for travellers, genuineness of sights make the Lisbon city a travellers’ paradise. Exclusive street life, pavement cafes, hilltop miradouro and the old quarters are the fascinating blend of classical and modern that makes the city journeying a pleasing experience.


Unique Architectural Style of Lisbon:


Whether it’s Lisbon or Stockholm tourism, architecture constitutes a crucial part of it. Two exclusive architectural styles discovered in the town are the detailed Manueline of the Belem District with derivation dating back to the sixteenth century, and Pombalie of downtown having its beginning in the eighteenth century.


Fine art nouveau stores and cafes, tiled cover-up in older constructions, trams on the roadways and funiculars that are not found anywhere in the Europe, makes Lisbon unique from most other cities worldwide. Coble pattern footpaths and nautical themes in even the most contemporary structures such as the Parque das Nacoes is another instance of ancient meeting new.


Historical bonding of Lisbon is pertinently demonstrated in the exceptional Oceanatrium and other inventive aquariums. Wealth in the museums such as the exceptional Lalique Jewelry that’s demonstrated in the Tile Museum and Gulbenkian Museum makes the trip memorable and amiable.


As far as Lisbon private tours are concerned, you must hire a professional tour agency that has experience in the travelling industry. A professional tour operator can help you explore all the hidden treasures Lisbon has to offer. And the internet is the best place to find a reliable Lisbon tour operator. So check out online for a well-organized travelling experience.

2 years ago

Portugal - Much More Than Just Golf Courses & Beaches

Whether it is a fun-packed city break in the hustle & bustle of Lisbon or a relaxed golfing vacation in the Algarve, the country of Portugal has long been 1 of the top 10 holiday destinations worldwide. The demand of private tours Portugal is well beyond imagination!


Private Tours Portugal


Sanctified with incredible natural loveliness and year-round sunshine, Portugal provides crystal-clear oceans and loads of activities to satisfy even the most astute tourist.


The Portuguese shoreline is a traveller’s fantasy. Frequently hailed as 1 of the finest golf destinations worldwide, high-end resorts and superb golf courses placed side by side with loads of health & wellness spas that give you complete refreshment from your hectic life.


For the most adventurous, Portugal provides some of Europe’s finest deep-sea fishing and also every type of water-sports that a passionate traveller could dream of.


The Portuguese shoreline boasts approximately 200 Blue Flag sea sides, many concealed from the major sightseer routes by protected coves or adorned by numerous vibrant boats in scenic fishing villages.


Apart from the sunshine, beaches and leisure activities – not to talk about the great climate – Portugal’s heritage and history can almost be overlooked. From its Moorish inheritances to modern-day Lisbon, Portugal blends the past & the present with a timeless sophistication. Whether you are history aficionado or just in require of some ancient world custom, you can pick from UNESCO WORLD Heritage site such as the paranormal crag top rural community of Sintra or simply indulge in the tranquil charm of historic cities such as Evora, Guimarães, or Angra do Heroísmo.


More than anything, Portugal is the heave of a more tranquilize and comfortable pace of life that allures travellers and forcing them to come back again and again. Fortunately, there’re many tour operators offering Portugal private tours that help you explore each and everything Portugal has to offer while maintaining your privacy.


Given all that Portugal has to provide, it is no wonder that sightseer figures have increased significantly over the last decades. Even the government’s proposal for the endorsement of sightseeing in Portugal makes this country so special. Portugal has much more than just Golf courses and beaches. Besides its natural topography, Portugal is admired for its generosity and is considered to be a secure travel destination in the world. There’re several International Air Ports in Portugal and the nation is also well-connected via dependable railroads from other parts of Europe.


So, plan your trip to Portugal now!




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2 years ago

Adventurous Destinations to Explore in Portugal

Private Tours Portugal


With its diverse & spectacular landscapes, Portugal is idea for those who’re looking for adventure in the outdoors. There’re no scarcities of fascinating spots to pick from, but there are some chosen destinations of the nation which are the ideal playground for any adventure enthusiasts. Let’s have a look at them:


Serra da Estrella:


Serra da Estrella’s mountains and National Parks of are asylums for skiers & boarders in winter and hikers in summer. In fact, this is Portugal’s only ski resort ideal for starters. Serra da Estrella is also an ideal destination for walkers and mountaineers, who enjoy climbing the rocky peak and discovering the 357 kilometres of trails all through the Serra da Estrella Nature Park. Another popular pastime activity here is rock climbing. Adventure lovers can also enjoy climbing stiff and rocky mountains available here. Inside the nature park tourist can even enjoy kayaking on magnificent rivers & lakes.



This massive province of Portugal holds 3 nature parks. Its untouched farmland, villages and vineyards are little visited by travellers. If you are one of those travellers then you’re missing out so many things. Most importantly they’re missing out on an enjoyable adventure off the beaten path. You can hike or bike across this province, on the seashore and inland and feel the real adventure. Alternatively, you could go for a kayaking or rafting adventure on the rivers or coast.


Arrabida Nature Park, close to Lisbon:


This nature park is placed just one hour drive south of Lisbon on a craggy stretch of shoreline where the Sado Rivers meets the uncultivated Atlantics. There’re remarkable cliffs of more than 300 meters, caves & landscapes conquered by untouched limestone hills mounting high above the shoreline which are capped with a hotchpotch of farm fields, wineries and ancient clean land. Here travellers can trek through this untouched landscape, or attempt something a little more daring such as mountain biking.




This region is a true vacation destination for people looking for private tours Portugal. The splendid beaches are mainly somewhat spoiled by the over-development and the visitors in summer. You’ll find a lot of people in this province who come here just for the sun, sand and surf. At the same time, you’ll also come across people who’re drawn here to try a variety of activities and dynamic adventures in this temperate and sun-blessed region. Here travellers can take part in just about every kind of outdoor and adrenaline pumping activities possible.




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